Our Story

One of the three largest independent automotive content providers in the United States, the Motor News Media Corporation was originally incorporated as The AutoBuyer Plus Corporation, a regular corporation under the laws of Iowa on August 21, 1989. At that time the company mainly provided automobile purchase consulting services to private individuals and businesses in Central Iowa.

The company converted its content to Internet delivery in 1999, purchasing its first webserver in 2002. Also in that year, the company also purchased a competitor, Pacheco Automotive News Service of Concord, CA and merged its client list into the company’s database.

The company currently serves 117 media clients in 29 states, with a combined circulation of approximately 3,725,000 readers. It's stable of seasoned writers continue to deliver automotive news and features covering the many different aspects of the American automotive experience. Motor News Media is at the forefront of the automotive industry -- developing more automotive features and concepts than any other news service in the United States today.