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Motor News Media currently serves 117 media clients in 29 states, with a combined circulation of approximately 3,725,000 readers.

Unique Features - Some of the unique features that separate Motor News Media from its competitors include:

Best Innovative Practices

Motor News Media continues to be aggressive in content development. Recent new features added to the available content roster includes MotoCycling, a motorcycle review column, a second used vehicle review for Hard Bargains focusing on high-volume import vehicles and Squeaks & Rattles, a monthly automotive commentary feature.

With the rise in the importance of the Internet as a source of information for an increasing share of the general population, Motor News Media has developed a completely new product designed for the websites of your print properties. The video automotive review is a one-minute clip of automotive information about a specific vehicle. Samples of these clips are included on the enclosed CD with this package.

The company has flexibility to specially tailor this new product to maximize profitability by providing a coordinated print and online multi-media sales opportunity for targeted automotive advertisers looking for more horsepower for their advertising dollar.

The combination of Motor News Media's sales support tools, vast archival content and digitized delivery systems lend themselves well to local, regional and/or system-wide advertising efforts that will attract coop dollars and national automotive accounts.

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